Invitations, RSVPs, Registries, & Black Ties - Oh my!

Invitations, RSVPs, Registries, & Black Ties - Oh my!

Hi Guys - 

Lots of exciting updates! 

1) Invitations are on their way. Make sure to check your inboxes (millennials) and mailboxes (baby boomers)! 

2) RSVP is live! If you ain't first, you last! Make sure and RSVP online here:

3) Registry! Better late than never. We are no longer vagabonds, so it's time to build a home! Click here for some of our favorites, our charities, and more:

4) Attire: we know what you're thinking. Zach and Kevyn of all people are having a black tie optional wedding?? Well it's our excuse to get fancy and out of our workout clothes. 

This means: nice dark suits & ties for men, tuxedo's are welcome but not required. All groomsmen will be in tuxes. For ladies, bring out the long gown or find you fanciest cocktail dress! FYI - the ceremony is on grass. 

Email / text / call with any questions. 

Much love, 

Kevyn & Zach 



Save the Date

Save the Date

This is a friendly reminder to book your hotel rooms at the Hyatt if you have not done so already. Flights can be booked into Reno (ideal) or Sacramento if need be.

A rough schedule of weekend events: 

Thursday - Dinner get together at The Char Pit for burgers & beers for those in town. 

Friday - Daytime outdoor activities & evening Welcome Reception (bring your swim suit or basketball shoes) 

Saturday - The big day. Early evening ceremony followed by reception and a few dance moves. 

Sunday - Brunch (we're Jewish, duh) 

Feel free to email us with any questions! We are looking forward to celebrating with you all soon. 

Z & K 

More updates soon!

More updates soon!

Check here for regular updates and important information as things develop. 


Kevyn & Zach